Launcher freezing/slow load

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so throughout the day my runescape launcher kept freezing while playing and i couldn't do anything until i forcefully closed it. 10 min ago it did it again and not the whole launcher takes forever to load and gets stuck on loading resources. when it does get to log in screen i get a black screen when i login with the loading-please wait message. is something wrong on Jagex's side?

14-Aug-2019 01:08:14

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Try rebooting your machine, to kill off any client processes that aren't shutting, then delete and fully rebuild your cache.

Make sure once you've deleted it that you log back into the lobby, and not ingame, until the cache is fully built. You can see your Disk Cache size if you open the developer console (hold alt and press tilde) and run the "displayfps" command. Disk Cache should be around 6-8GB and solid purple/blue.

15-Aug-2019 10:33:20

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