High Australian world ping

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Hi guys, I've been getting high ping on all Australian worlds and being from Oceania Australian worlds are the best servers I can connect to.
I get 170ms on aus worlds and even higher on west coast worlds.

I've tried port forwarding, contacted my ISP multiple times and still no fix. The only help i've had from anything was using a VPN but even then the ping was still 120.

This has been going on for an entire month now and i'm really getting sick of it and i just wanna play the game man

13-Jun-2019 12:29:30

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Traceroute to your server of choice might be helpful here. It would help to identify where the latency is introduced.

Whenever people have posted about these sorts of issues recently, the traffic has been routed weirdly, as well, and that would also be evident in a traceroute. Mind you, if that is the case, I don't know of much you can actually do, other than trying to use a VPN (which I wouldn't necessarily advise as a resolution, as it comes with its own risks/issues).

13-Jun-2019 16:41:15

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