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When are you going to clean up this game..... or are you all the ones doing it....yesterday witnessed a player get the skilling pet Brains and they weren't even farming it probably belonged to someone else and they stole it sad it is...this wasn't the first time I've seen this happen. This has been going on for a long time. Would love a reply and yes this is happening a lot and not just on skilling pets. Thank you for your time. SASSYSQUATCH

09-Aug-2019 14:02:26

Skod River
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Hey SASSYSquatch

Hmm have no clue of what the point of this thread is.

But how do you know that player did not do any farming , when that player got that Pet ?

We can't steal skilling or combat pets for any one.

I could do slay and even get brains as a skilling pet , since my seedicide will destroy the unwanted seeds and give me Farming xp for doing so ;)
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Hello SASSYSquatch

Skod River has brought up some good points. I've locked your thread for two reasons: one is that this is the technical support forum and the other, more importantly, is that this isn't an appropriate topic on the forums as nothing can be done, would that there were rule-breaking. If you see what you believe to be rule-breaking in game, you need to report it in game. Thanks!
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10-Aug-2019 20:49:03

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