Tears of Guthix bugged?

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Tears of Guthix (quest) seems to be bugged for me. Every time I try to start it, by talking to Juna, and Juna asks me to tell her a story my character just says "well.." and "um..." and then it says "You try to tell a story, but Juna does not seem impressed" - and I can't do tears of Guthix, which is my only stop for While Guthix Sleeps. I've done all the rest (and I have all the requirements, 200 something quest points).

Please fix this bug runescape team as others are having the same issue - see this forum post:

Come on now Jagex...

31-Jul-2019 21:43:56

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You only need to submit one. You can be sure they've seen it. But they're not going to rush out and push a fix out the next day either. It'll be triaged, prioritised and eventually fixed, but that could be as soon as Monday, or as late as weeks down the line. Submitting multiple, or getting others to do so, won't see it resolved faster. It'll just tie up their resource.

For something like this, where a quest can't be started, I suspect you'll see a fix sooner than later. But until that time, there's not much else to be done except wait for it.

Here, keep an eye on this thread too. There might be some more information in it in the near future.

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