NXT not letting me log in

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I'll go to sign in and the screen will go black and freeze, and eventually kick me out back to login screen.

I have tried rolling back my graphics driver, updating my graphics driver, updating Windows 10, deleting all cache files, letting the cache download to 5gb again, making sure all drivers are up to date, reinstalling the client, and opening in multiple different compatibility modes. Note my hardware temperatures are cool, and my task manager %'s never exceed 50%

Other games work perfectly fine, my internet connection is perfectly fine, and I can easily access this website.

I've managed a few times to somehow get into the game, but the performance drops like crazy and I get near-constant frame drops EVEN AT MINIMUM GRAPHICS (I can normally play comfortably at max graphics), and once I log out, I can't log back in again. Please help, I don't understand what is wrong.

Type of client used: NXT
Operating System: Windows 10
Laptop/Desktop: Desktop
Processor: Intel Core i7-6700K
Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 950
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i'm having issues to even load the nxt client , ive done some research & apareantly having 2 monitors is causing my issue. i can turn off one screen & load both launchers perfectly fine then i can turn the other one on and play again. i'm still looking for a fix so that i don't have to turn my screen off everytime. O_o

07-Aug-2019 19:09:31

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Just started to get problems myself this evening
I have just had a new graphic card fitted at 4BG and extended pc memory to 16GB to cope if i want my browser open at the same time.
Got thrown out of game just now.
I see many threads in here on similar issues and lots of chat in game about lag and log outs.
Please if this is a game engine issue, please do not tell us to run through tons of other things as if its all our computers that are at fault, just saying.

08-Aug-2019 23:37:50

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