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Quick find code: 409-410-500-66107491



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The fastest way to resolving this is going to be to use the downloadable client. Aside from the fact that IE is obsolete anyway these days (in favour of Edge), running Java in your browser is sort of old-tech, and these things tend to break over time.

Yours is a similar sort of problem to something a few other posters were having recently, with SSL errors and such because Jagex's digital certificates weren't checking out. The certs themselves were valid when I looked them over, but those posters were getting errors; I assumed at the time that they weren't able to check revocation status, but I don't remember why that's what I suspected.

I can't reproduce on my machine, but in the case that you want to try and continue to use a browser, for some reason, then try whitelisting "*" and see if that helps. If not, try accessing the page over standard HTTP instead of HTTPS. Assuming you're accessing the official RS page, it shouldn't put you at any particular risk, though it's never a good idea if it can be avoided, and I still suggest the client.

Quick bit of Google suggests that error message indicates that what the JRE is expecting as a Java program is actually a HTML page. Could be a HTTP error response - packet capturing it might shed some light too, if you know how.

25-Jun-2019 13:38:53

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