Connection Lost/forced logout

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DiePhone 5G
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DiePhone 5G

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Type of client used: OSRS
Operating System: Windows 10
Laptop: HP laptop
Processor: AMD A10-9600P RADEON R5, 10 COMPUTE CORES 4C + 6G
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R5 Graphics
RAM: 6.00 GB

Roughly every 30 minutes I will receive the "Connection lost Please wait -- attempting to reestablish" error which will result in a forced logout. I've tried rebooting my computer and router and flushing my cache/DNS as well as all the other suggestions by Jagex. I'm not tech savvy and I'm not sure what to do next because this affects my ability to do major quests and get into combat situations. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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That's usually a sign that you have an unreliable network connection. While it's good you've posted your machine specs, these are less relevant for these sorts of problem than networking information. Some detail about your network configuration, how you're connecting to your LAN, how your LAN connects to the Internet etc may help here.

In way of general advice, select game servers that are close to you (look for a low ping). While it won't help with network connectivity, prefer servers with a lower player count as well (i.e. don't use the autologin worlds).

On your end, if you're using Wireless then switch to a cabled connection, or move closer to your wireless source. If you can boost it, do so. Power cycling your router was a good step; if it hasn't worked, I'd be more inclined to suspect that the network link itself is unreliable. If you can post back with a traceroute or a sustained ping, that could help to confirm it. The following two commands on the console would help you there:

> tracert
> ping -n 200

For the ping, if you do post back, just the summary stats at the bottom are necessary. For traceroute, the whole thing.

If you notice network connectivity problems in general, that may indicate a problem on your WAN - i.e. that's the network your ISP is responsible for, so a call to their support helpdesk may be in order. Traceroute would possibly help to determine where the problem is, prior to that, though.

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