Logitech G600 mouse key binds

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I've never been able to use mouse button (re)binds. I don't think the client supports it; keyboard binds only.

A workaround would be to remap those keys to appropriate keyboard inputs with the Logitech driver, with a corresponding configuration in the client, which of course is less than ideal but should work as expected.

It's been a while since I used a Logitech mouse, but I think you can set up profiles according to active processes, so you may be able to set a specific profile for the Runescape client, so potentially weird binds don't screw you up in other programs.

01-Jul-2019 16:07:11

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Check which mode your mouse is in. The G600 has 3 different modes to switch between.

RS only detects the Numbers mode (0-9,-,= ). Works fine for me using that mode. G-shift doesn't seem to work with it, but I also don't use that and haven't tinkered with it.

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