about my alt ban acc (help)

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so my alt acc got ban for 3rd party client and its still active and its not my phone but it say theres a mobile session and i can't end it cuz it pops back up can anyone help i can't seem to get my acc back nor can i get an answer from anyone that works at jagged I've changed the pass a few times and they still have it and they also changed my age so i can't ask for other info i just need some help

05-Jul-2019 04:45:55

Skod River
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He already have a thread there QFC : 408-409-161-66108554 , but Malua told him to post here , because she believe it is a Tech issue.
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05-Jul-2019 08:40:17

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Yes, I did see that, but OP has provided additional information in their original thread since then (and received a response from Malua).

I'm inclined to suspect it isn't a technical issue. I can't test it as I don't have the mobile client, but I suspect it works much the same way as a session on the desktop client. If there is still an active session, and it's not OP's device (and I assume OP has confirmed this by powering down the device entirely), and the password is changed + the attacker has changed OP's recovery details and information, it's most likely that OP's account is still compromised, and that OP needs to address that issue before anything else.

OP isn't helping their case though, as OP hasn't provided much in the way of detail, and their poor English in their explanation of the problem makes it hard to figure out the order of the issues they're facing.

It's clear OP has lost their account and had it banned for macro use. It's less clear if OP has managed to successfully recover their account yet - I assume so, as you'd need to log in to see active sessions, but their post suggests they haven't. Either way, it's an account issue for now.

05-Jul-2019 12:28:39

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