Help. Lobby - undrawn zones?

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I've had the weirdness above for a couple of months. In the lobby, the areas on the outside of the background image are strange - anything that gets drawn there isn't refreshed, except where it changes. e.g. changing from the (taller) world select tab to the shorter info tab leaves some crap at the bottom, opening and closing the developer console leaves some crap at the sides, the throughput counters leave some crap where the numerics change.

In layman terms, I'm assuming this is because there's nothing being drawn to that part of the screen, hence it's leaving whatever was there until such a time as something else is drawn there. I've seen a few others with this problem on Reddit some few months ago, but no resolution.

So, any thoughts from anyone? Maybe you've had the issue yourself.

I haven't updated my graphics drivers yet. I'm assuming this stands the best shot at resolving the problem, but I'd rather not replace my drivers if I can avoid it, purely for stability. I will if someone can say that's what fixes this crap though. Looking for anyone with the authority that comes from familiarity with this issue, mostly.

08-Aug-2019 11:33:43

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