UI Scaling on a 1440p monitor?

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I played Runescape for around 12 years and have not played for around 3 years now. I recently started playing OSRS and I was enjoying my time with it. I decided to use this account to login to Runescape 3 and see what was going on.

One problem I am having is that the UI is ridiculously small. I am using a 144hz 1440p monitor and every piece of text and UI is far too small on Runescape 3. I find myself squinting to read tiny dialogue boxes. I have run through the settings menu and can't find anything regarding UI scaling.

This is something that I have noticed has physically hurt my eyes from trying to decipher all of the information on screen as it is so small for a 1440p display.

Is there any way at all to scale this UI to 150% size? Every other game I play has offered this as an option and it is more of an accessibility option than anything else as I will be unable to play Runescape 3 if I can't scale the UI.

I will not constantly change my desktop resolution to 1080p and back whenever I want to play RS3 as I use my desktop for other things while playing Runescape.

So this was a bit of a long-winded way of saying - How do I scale my UI larger so I can actually read what is going on?

30-Jul-2019 15:01:25

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There is no supported option to scale your interface, though I understand there's an experimental function you need to poke around in the gamecache to activate, that doesn't quite fit the requirement.
There's some information here:

... and further Googling and searching will get you some more, but I couldn't necessarily suggest it as I haven't looked into it myself. There's no guarantee it would work.

Some people who have posted about this issue in the past have tried using the Microsoft compatability options as well, by creating a shortcut to the client, but if you're looking for an in-client mechanism, then you're kind of out of luck.

30-Jul-2019 17:26:52

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