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I literally just played this entire Sunday. I usually get on the weekends the most to unwind form my office job all week. After an all day of gaming, i was deep into the nigh - and my sposue was already asleep - so i brought my macbook to bed and i started to work on slayer.

Within a couple of hours (11-2:30am) i went from 55-60 slayer and 87 to 88 def and managed to complete a couple of tasks. on my last task i had hellhounds again so i went back to taverley and i literally half asleep clicked away ands made sure i picked up my charms. I went back to shilo, got a new thing, then back to the ge to sell anything i found and thats when i noticed it said "currently disabled" so i relogged twice and on the second relogged i was ALLLL THE WAY BACK to before i had even gotten the new fire giant tasks.

What bothers me is that after asking my clan livid, i was told "were you botting or something"... which made me realize that could be the only explanation. That made me extremely annoyed as its almost 3 in the morning now and i have work in a few hours , but i made sure to go on here and figure what the hell happened.

After spending endless hours, and months of membership, and even $200 in keys in the past week - there was no way to simply contact support. This is crazy, so i even tried making a twitter to reach out.

Someone please help me - this is the most discouraging thing to have happened to me

10-Jun-2019 08:35:27

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I don't know how you'd do it by accident but you weren't on the weapon diversity beta by any chance? Just because the ge is disabled in that and your stats won't transfer to live game.

10-Jun-2019 10:38:34

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