Lag on startup of client

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This is a symptom of an incomplete cache.
As a result, the resources aren't available, and are pulled down on-demand, with a significant impact on performance.

The good news is that once they're downloaded, they're available any time in the future. But you can speed the process up if you remain in the lobby.

While in the lobby, bring up the developer console with the tilde key, and run the "displayfps" command. You'll see in the top right new text indicating the game cache size, and your download rate.

There is no % given - it should stabilise somewhere around 6GB usually, but watch for the downaload rate dropping down to low KBs and the size remaining stable. Then you'll know you're good to log in. You can get rid of that text by running 'displayfps' again.

Your problems should resolve at that point, and you needn't drop your settings down either.

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