Whats Going on login packet?

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ok i keep on having the same dam issue all day and happens every day and its getting worse keep on getting the malformed login packet what dose that mean is it my internet provider or an issue on the server side just getting pissed off at it having to re login all the time

and yes ive tried removing the google account thing that was suggested when i googled it

just need to know whats to blame and how to fix if possible

14-Jun-2019 03:34:17

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It can be either of those things.
Unfortunately, that's a fairly crappy error to try and fix.
Generally, it seems to occur where the network connection you're using is unreliable. But it can also be on Jagex's end and happen for seemingly no reason.
If it's happening frequently to you, I'd suggest it's probably not on their end at least.

Do things to try and enhance your connection reliability - eliminating wireless in favour of cable, not using mobile networks, power cycling your router (once), making sure your NIC is configured properly and using correct drivers, use a gameserver with low ping. These things will all contribute to helping resolve the issue, but generally it's a crapshoot because it's such a common error.

Using ping and traceroute to look for nodes that introduce packet loss of latency may also help to diagnose the issue.

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