Randomly tp'd to Clan Wars?

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I was doing Wintertodt and I logged out at the bank chest I believe. When I logged in about 16 hours later I was at Clan Wars. I did not check my "last log in" time. The strange thing is this account is very new so I don't even have any TP jewelry and my minigame TP was not on cooldown. I added authenticator and changed password to be safe. Was just wondering if this is some kind of bug that has happened before. My RS3 account and other account haven't been touched.

18-Aug-2019 20:56:15

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A number of people have reported this recently on these forums..
But it seems a very specific thing to be a bug. It's more likely to be someone else accessing your account, I think. Adding authenticator and a new password is a good step - make sure you've got a bank PIN too.

And also secure your email account, as if that gets compromised then it's simple to disable any controls you've enabled on your RS account registered to it.

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