overrun of stack-based buffer

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The crash message that pops of "the system has detected an overrun of a stack-based buffer" etc etc keeps happening to me. It was happening a bunch last year i believe, but has been happening even worse now. I have read threads about this issue and have deleted client, re installed, and taken all the advice to no avail. I am at a complete loss as to what to do. I have a laptop that was designed for gaming, have plenty of free space, the fastest internet available, and this ONLY happens on this game, while playing on the client. Any ideas? I am fresh out!

21-Jun-2019 19:37:25

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Try temporarily disabling your antimalware/security software, and/or whitelisting the client.
That's been effective in some cases at resolving the issue, but it's not a guarantee.

23-Jun-2019 13:05:16

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