Need help with the client

Quick find code: 409-410-867-66109409

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So I’ll be playing the game when it will loose the connection and then go to the log in page but when I put in the password and press play it brings up the pounding bar than it goes back to the loading page and no matter how many times I put in the password nothing happens so I have to restart my computer just to make the client work and some times I get messages that the antivirus or firewall is keeping the client from opening what should I do? :DWulfanite

07-Jul-2019 16:48:20

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Did this issue start happening in the last hour or two? If so, there's been some login server issues which have been giving random error messages

If that isn't the case, I would suggest trying the options listed here to see if it makes any difference :)

07-Jul-2019 16:51:04

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