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Dank Buddha
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Dank Buddha

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Hello, First off I do not know if this would be the correct forum to post this. So if needed let me know and ill move it. Second I will not be posting any info on the RSPS's or Black Market sites so that no one can use my thread to find these sites. Now into the real reason for the post, is there a way for me to report such things to Jagex so they can attempt to shut them down? Ive come across a handful of semi large rsps's that are stealing money from people by selling different items for cash/rank and privledges for cash and it made me upset. Also came across a large black market site that sells rs3/osrs/dmm gold and items. Is there a way for me to pass this information directly to jagex safely so im not just posting links on the forums for all to see and use? Just want to do my part to help. The rsps's dont bother me much other than the "Donator" stores they call them. But the black markets really piss me off because you know they are running bots and ruining the economy even more to have access to the ampunt of gold they were selling. They offer bulk deals on 1b/5b/10b/50b quantitys. How can i pass this information to jagex so they can try to shut these sites down? Sorry for the long rant. Have a great day everyone The Wise, The Powerful, The Sexy? Bigg Buddha! The God of Goodies

25-Jun-2019 22:06:51

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If you felt so compelled, I think you'd want to drop the details in an email to

Though, as for whether they can shut the sites down or not, that's another matter.

25-Jun-2019 22:53:43

Skod River
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Skod River

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Hey Bigg Buddha.

Well you can send everything you know to this Email : (it's a No reply email)

But i can assure you they will investigate it and taking the propper action , and it can take some time , but it will happen ;)
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25-Jun-2019 22:55:44

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