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King Mully
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King Mully

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When I try logging into runescape on my computer and phone with my wifi it will sometimes say "too many log in attempts. Please wait a few minutes before trying again". However, I havnt tried logging in for hours. In addition when I use my mobile service rather than wifi I'm able to log into the mobile client and forums. Any suggestions on how I can get my account to be able to log in on my wifi and computer again? It's veru frustrating considering I purchased a membership.

Thank you

King Mully
(Also please email me as well because im having difficulty accessing the forums and client for responses)

01-Aug-2019 11:58:50

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Try power cycling your router.
Leave it off for a good few minutes.
I suspect if you change your externally facing IP, this problem may be improved or remediated. Assuming your ISP uses dynamic allocation, which I think the vast majority do these days, then power cycling the router should result in a new IP being allocated.

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