RS3 Client Crashing

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Using my MacBook pro (not exactly ideal but it has always worked fine in the past) but now when I open the client and log in, within 3 minutes my client crashes and I get the error report window. Usually, I disable my firewall and it works fine. I've done that and I'm still crashing every time.

I've deleted and redownloaded the client and it's still crashing... :@

EDIT: The initial crash report pointed towards a graphics issue. My MAC Pro (Intel Iris Pro 1536mb)

2nd crash report was too ambiguous for me to decipher what the main reason for the crash was but it did not mention graphics as the original report did.

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If your error message is listed here, try the suggestion given to see if it makes any difference

If not, follow the suggestions here. If you've done that and the problem carries on, click 'Contact Us' near the bottom to get in touch with tech support - They should be able to help :)

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I have osrs client that works. But not my rs3 that keeps crashing on me as well. Is thete anything they can do to fix it? Why hasn't this been working since the updates? Are they going to fix the client? Now I can't play, it was good for a while.

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