Lagging and disconnects

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Latency is one indicator of connection strength, but it's not the only one. You can have a low ping but high packetloss, for example, and that'll still bugger the game up. Disconnections do generally indicate frequent interruptions in your network connectivity, perhaps even very short ones, but it'll still boot you regardless in most cases, especially if it's on the WAN side.

I agree that the listed fixes in the support KBAs are often questionable at best, but when you're the only person with this problem in an active playerbase of ~125k, it's usually a good sign the problem is on your end.

Could you describe in more detail what happens and what these disconnections look like - do you see error messages, is there any kind of sign that it's happening, does it happen entirely at random or is there any pattern to it? Have you done any investigation or diagnosis already?

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