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I was playing all day 6/8/2019, mid day I logged off for a bit and went to log back on only to find my mobile osrs app wouldn't work on my phone, the downloaded client on my computer wouldn't load past 0%, the runelite client wouldn't load, and both runescape and oldschool runescape websites would error time out before they loaded as well. I've been searching everywhere for a solution and trying everything. I found a suggestion to download and use a vpn, I'm not very "techy" and very unknowledgeable on the subject. After downloading a vpn I am now able visit the runescape pages, but I am still unable to load the game from the actual website or client. I just bought membership three days ago and now can't even play, and wouldn't even be able to end my subscription without using this vpn which I am uncomfortable doing. Can someone please help me, I feel scammed and confused.

09-Jun-2019 16:43:48

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I talked with spectrum and they insisted it wasn't on their end. I'd just say contact them and say it's not working. Enough inquiries might change something

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Yeah I had this same problem, called, said multiple customers were having the same problem. All good for me too though!
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10-Jun-2019 05:54:13

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