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Was wondering what the limit on, osrs bonds is i wanna buy atleast 1.5b worth, To support jagex not in it for selling them. But i plan to make various alternative accounts dor PvP aswell as money making methods i shun upon hacks/cheats and gold sites. Been playing rs since it's very realease since i was 11/12 im 26 now. Even used to be a mod before osrs shutdown. So my questions are. How many bonds can i buy from jagex shut for osrs mobile? And how much would 1.5b worth of bonds cost in cash. So i can begin my true journey back into rs. I remember all the best methods for leveling and money so thats a plus. Just gotta begin 1 account at a time. With year worth of membership and atleast a decent amount of money on ea. And how much worth is 500 dollars cash in bonds?

15-Jun-2019 01:21:16

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Thread moved to the Community Led Payment Support Forum, as it is unlikely that you will find an answer to the question on limits of OSRS bond, in the RS3 Guides and Help Forum. Hopefully one of the Community Helpers or other players that frequent this forum will have the answer for you.

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Hi there

No one can answer the question about the purchase limit on Bonds.
Bond purchase limits are set and managed by the computer and JMods do not interfere or override the system.

All you can do is go slowly and steadily, buying Bonds until you can't then, waiting a week or two before you can continue buying.

What price are Bonds?
You will have to check the payment page yourself as we don't know what country/currency you are using.
Log into 'Account' at the top of this page and click on 'Purchase other Packages'.
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