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Was wondering what the limit on, osrs bonds is i wanna buy atleast 1.5b worth, To support jagex not in it for selling them. But i plan to make various alternative accounts dor PvP aswell as money making methods i shun upon hacks/cheats and gold sites. Been playing rs since it's very realease since i was 11/12 im 26 now. Even used to be a mod before osrs shutdown. So my questions are. How many bonds can i buy from jagex shut for osrs mobile? And how much would 1.5b worth of bonds cost in cash. So i can begin my true journey back into rs. I remember all the best methods for leveling and money so thats a plus. Just gotta begin 1 account at a time. With year worth of membership and atleast a decent amount of money on ea. And how much worth is 500 dollars cash in bonds?

15-Jun-2019 01:21:16

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