No sound at all on IOS

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Wise Old Cam

Wise Old Cam

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I tried everything but the game is muted, no sound at all. Kinda kills the whole mobile experience tbh because it feels really boring without any sound at all.

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Hey Cam,

Did you try turning on the ringer? It's the little slider thing on the side of your phone, which allows you to mute the sound (for when people call you, etc.)

It requires you to have that enabled for the sounds to work. :)

30-Aug-2018 16:18:20



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I have had the same problem too except turning up the ringer or in game sound hasnt worked either. tried clearing the games cache and nothing, restarted phone and reinstalled the app, still nothing. This is super annoying and it doesnt seem like many other people have been having this problem in ios. I have an iphone 8 and its up to date, sound works perfect on every other app so its not my phone. Somebody please help I need my sound back on osrs mobile now!!! -AJ

16-Dec-2018 12:08:05

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