BOTH Accounts hijacked

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Beastboy 999

Beastboy 999

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So both of my avcounts have been hijacked and cleared this week. This first account was my main ZOCIETY PK(Beastboy 99) a maxed zerk. I have recently went through a move and when I go to get I'm my account it said my password had been changed so I immediately appealed and regained access for about 4 days. I changed all the information from the password 5+ times to the email and the account name and linked my email to it.I even set up the Authenticator. I receieved multiple emails of someome attempting to change all that information and then I had an email come saying my authenticator was turned off. Then I was signed off and JAGEX allowed them access. So I signed into my other account Beastboy 999 and they were on it clearing it. I made 10+ appeals begging jagex to lock it do something. (I have still not gained access back to this account) a week has gone by and I have been playing on my alternate Beastboy 999 and as of last night everything was fine. I woke up this Christmas day after doing presents with the family to now find my alternate account cleared now. I still have access to this account, but my G.E. History shows them selling everything I had. My accounts have my emails and my bank cards linked to them. One of which I can't even access anymore. Now to find my alternate hacked. Jagex has really let their security gone down the drain now. Tired of all the b.s.

25-Dec-2018 14:21:23

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Jagex security is not the problem. If you're not using safe internet browsing or safe computer use, its your own fault. You're account is not easily hacked if you use all the tools and safety tips provided bu Jagex. IF YOU'RE TIRED OF STARTING

27-Dec-2018 16:43:08

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