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Blackjacking is a fast way to get experience, and require user input for each step. On mobile, I am experiencing much lower xp rates as on a laptop/desktop because I have to hold down my finger on the object to get the options to show up, and this takes up about as much time as it takes for the npc to wake up. The first option (with attack options hidden) is to talk to the npc instead of pickpocket the npc. Can the option (after attack) instead be to pickpocket the npc so that on mobile, a player still has to go through the "right click options" to lure and knock out the npc, but once the npc is down, they can be pickpocketed before they wake up?

If anyone has any input on this, or if there already is a solution to this that I am unaware of please feel free to post in the comments. Thanks!

22-Nov-2018 20:54:52



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On the left hand side there is a button above the combat settings. Hold it and set function to single tap mode. This makes it so that whenever you tap the npc it acts as a right click.
Makes blackjack on mobile actually a lot easier for me then on PC after a little practice.

Hope this helps!

23-Nov-2018 03:05:44

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