Patch Notes - 24/06

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Mod Shauny

Mod Shauny

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Hey everyone, here are this week's patches! We're light this week due to the release of Breaking the Storm plus the Comp Cape Rework, however we do have the actionbar fixes that you requested!

As a note anything with this next to it = Ninja Fix!


  • Issues causing action bars to not behave properly when holding a key to do repeat actions has been resolved.

  • Prevented worn items' keybind functionality from failing to work sometimes.

  • The pocket slot on the action bar now correctly updates the item name when a new item is equipped there.

  • When the entire pocket slot is one of your keybound actions activating a worn passage of the abyss no longer unequips it instead of opening the teleport menu.

  • Newly converted motherlode maw enhancers will no longer be missing a charge.
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