Insane Final Boss + PvM

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Final Boss

Most of you know me as the best pvmer in Aus/NZ but I am too humble to admit it. I started playing runescape about 2 years ago and have only really been interested in bossing. The only time I skill or quest is when there is some form of pvm benefit.

I guess I started this thread a little bit late as the end of this grid is just around the corner but I guess I can break down any pvm goals I have etc etc.

Below is a list of the remaining pets / kcs I require for Insane Final Boss:
-57/100 HM Vorago KC

My current vorago kc is roughly 2300

Future PvM goals:

-2000 Solak KC
-Banned from all pvming FCs
of the Praesul

-learn full manual (first learn to revolution without automatic threshold, then FULL manual)
-Look into buying a range and melee set up

All are definitely on the list to complete

27-Aug-2019 00:12:46

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