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Sir Duncan88

Sir Duncan88

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2.0: Wait a minute…something’s happening

*We watch as Sarah overcomes the pendant’s powers and destroys it. Then as she begins the attack on Zemouregal alongside Dave and Legion, we both rush forwards in exact sync and 2.0 readies his sword into wrath stance with a glint of steel while I conjure a lance of solidified light. We jump into the battle*


OK, so I wasn't sure exactly what you would have the Emperor do in that situation but I kind of got the feeling that he's using the battle as a way to entertain himself so would probably let someone less powerful than him go in order to watch them fight instead. I was going to have my alternate try and face off against him and fail but survive but considering how powerful he probably is, this option seemed more suitable.

03-Apr-2019 21:46:59

very mad guy
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very mad guy

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i have no idea how the emperor is meant to fight, and since i did not create him, i do not feel comfortable taking liberties. concerning the rest of the battle, i have a lot of things occupying my thoughts at the moment. i will edit this post once something comes to mind

just something i thought to share. with my characters, jack and christina fight christina 2.0, while the three others fight zemouregal, and possibly the emperor if necessary

a second edit: i realized that i specifically stated barlor is fighting christina 2.0, but i think a little retcon is in order here. the "battle" against her is essentially a survival gauntlet while christina is attempting to negotiate with her alternate self. a battlefield featuring armies of undead would be more appropriate for the one man army

last edit: honestly, i have no idea how to make my current turn interesting, and i feel like i am holding the thread back. you can post
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Meh I'm satisfied with that portrayal of the Emperor. But yea I'm saving him and what he's done to Balour 2.0 for after the battle. Any way I guess I should post something.
Varrock Palace

*Legion gets up and sees Zemoregal's failed attempt at using his torture device on Sarah. Some portals open around the area. Legion locks onto the portals and as zombies emerge some missiles fire from his shoulders. Sarah charges at Zemoregal with her halberd. Zemoregal attempts to counter with the Staff of Armadyl however Arrav swiftly blocks it giving Sarah enough time to stab him in the stomach.*

Zemoregal: Now you're mine!

*Zemoregal attempts to grab Sarah but his arm is cut off by Dave. The three then jump out of the way for Duncan and his counterpart to blast him across the field.*

Sarah: About time you two decided to show up.

Duncan: Sorry I had to take a detour to find some information.

*Zemoregal gets up.*

Zem: You'll pay for that!

Legion: Be silent!

*Legion then destroys the rest of Zemoregal's arm.*

Legion: I'll give you one last chance surrender or be terminated.

Makeshift arena

Me: So you think you can reason with her?

Christina: We have to try.

Me: Very well allow me to bide you some time.

*I slam my fist onto the ground creating a fissure which encases Christina 2.0.*

Me: Talk quick.
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15-Apr-2019 12:00:19

very mad guy
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very mad guy

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varrock palace ruins:

zemouregal: "Surrender? Do you take me for a fool? You've forgotten the first law of necromancy: losses can always be replaced."

zemouregal holds his remaining hand in front of him. all undead slain in the conflict reanimate, and even more rise from the ground, eventually numbering in the hundreds. they all shamble towards the group, who cut down the forces dozen after dozen, all except sarah, who stays focused on zemouregal. she spins the halberd in her hand, and swings towards zemouregal knocking away the staff of armadyl, as zemouregal is not used to only having one arm. she picks it up, and slowly walks towards him, crystal halberd spinning between the fingers on her right hand, and the staff of armadyl pointed towards its former owner

zemouregal: "Kill her, you fools!"

his orders are useless, however, as the undead are steadily being taken care of before they can reach the vindictive adventuress
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15-Apr-2019 13:50:56

very mad guy
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very mad guy

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christina 2.0 remains trapped for a few seconds, but warps away to save ground. her breathing seems to be heavier and more frequent. she attacks with another fire surge spell, which is once again counteracted through water surge

christina 2.0: "Why? Why do you resist? Why won't you just let the pain end?"

christina: "That's what we're doing. That's why we fight."

christina 2.0: "I don't understand..."

christina: "We can fix this world. As we speak, our friends are on their way to defeat Zemouregal. I know they will."

christina 2.0: "Zemouregal? My darling Zemouregal? But I need him... Misthalin needs him... Gielinor needs him!"

christina: "No! That's not true! We're freeing you, and Misthalin from his tyranny. Remember your life before him. Remember your days as a priestess, working tirelessly to make the world a better place. Think of everything you've accomplished - what you can accomplish. With your strength. I know we can restore Gielinor to its better days. I believe in you. Now's your chance to change your life for the better."

christina 2.0 takes a moment to think, and she lowers her hands to the ground, hand wide open. the ground begins to rumble, and the world goes white, until the group is transported back to the palace, or at least what used to be the palace. having exhausted her power, christina 2.0 falls to the ground, comatose, but breathing
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15-Apr-2019 14:04:49

Sir Duncan88

Sir Duncan88

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As the reanimated corpses surround us we tear at their forces piece by piece, but they are successfully keeping much of the attack force away from Zemouregal. My counterpart turns toward me.

Dunc 2.0: We should sort this out for the others.

I turn to Zem.

Me: Here, you can add another law to your list.

I fabricate solid light chains which I fling throughout the area. The glowing constructs snake around the zombies and keep them in place

Dunc 2.0: Keep your army away from its weakness!

As Dunc 2.0 drives his sword into the floor, the ground begins to shake as hundreds of rocky spikes begin to erupt from the floor, impaling and puncturing the zombies and crushing them to a pulp, thanks to their aversion to earth attacks. He pulls the weapon back out, brushing dust off one of his shoulders.

Me: Reanimate that.

Dunc 2.0: We should stay cautious just in case he can.

We continue to deal with any undead forces, allowing the others to focus on Zemouregal unhindered.

29-Apr-2019 21:37:12

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*Legion incinerates any undead around him.*

Legion: Very well it seems you've chosen eradication.

*Legion's hand glows with burning hot plasma and leaps behind Zemoregal and punches a hole through his low abdomen. Zemoregal then draws his sword with his remaining hand but his sword is cut by Sarah's Halberd. Zemoregal then unleashes as shock wave knocking everyone back. Arrav then slashes Zemoregal's chest.*

Arrav: Surrender!

Zemoregal: Never!

*The two get ready to attack each other.*


*The Emperor turns to a bloodied Balor 2.0 who is wearing one of Zemoregal's torture necklaces.*

Emperor: Well looks like it's time for you to join the party.

*Balor 2.0 is teleported to the Palace ruins and faces the remaining party members.*

Christina: Balor where have you been?

Jack: Wait something isn't right.

*Balor 2.0 stands silently until his necklace starts glowing and he lets off a deafening roar. He then gives party a look that even VMG himself can feel the rage coming from him.*

VMG: Impossible he's reached a rage even I'm yet to reach.

Christina: Balor snap out of it.

*Balor 2.0 replies with a punch aimed at her but I block it with my Achilles shield but the punch still sends a shock wave through out the city. He then continues to throw a flurry of punches at me as I speak.*

Me: Been saving this for the right moment. You might be wondering how I'm able to tank all these hits. Well lets just say my armour now has an infinite surface area making it easier for me to do this.

*Punch Balor 2.0 in the chest sending him back.*

Me: But I can only maintain this state for so long. Any way it doesn't look like we can talk our way out of this one and besides given the state he's in killing him might actually be mercy.

*Balor 2.0 charges at us.*
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02-May-2019 12:17:08

very mad guy
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very mad guy

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i shake my head in disbelief as i see my alternate self has gone mad. i sheathe my sword and charge towards him, pushing against him to keep him away from the team

me: "I shall keep him at bay. Focus on this so-called emperor!"

"the only thing i know for real" from metal gear rising plays as each barlor attempts to wrestle the other to the ground
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05-May-2019 12:49:32

Sir Duncan88

Sir Duncan88

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The earth wielder recovers from Zem’s shockwave by driving his sword into the ground, and I used some carefully aimed heat blasts to steady myself. At this point Barlor 2.0 appears and attacks us, only for Ashlin and Barlor to keep him occupied.

Dunc 2.0, gesturing toward the heavily injured but still fighting Zemouregal: Is that what he’s called? The emperor?

Me: I think it’s someone else he’s working for. That’s our ultimate target. He’s Zemouregal. Either way he needs to go down too.

We make our way toward the skirmish with Zem. Having remembered seeing Sarah throw some kind of pendant to the ground before, I turn back quickly to face the Barlor V Barlor fight.

Me: Hey! Mad Guy! I think they’re using some kind of device on the neck to control people! Maybe he has one!

I run back to the others, moulding a wad of solid light with my hand which forms into a spear which I use to cut down several rows of zombies on the way.

Dunc 2.0: Hmm…perhaps if we keep that Zemouregal alive he could lead us to his emperor. What do you say?

Me: Well it sounds risky to me with someone as powerful as him, but maybe. What about you guys?

12-May-2019 19:27:04

very mad guy
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very mad guy

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a mysterious figure enters the field

emperor: "Why should he? I was never hiding. I was just biding my time."

duncan 2.0: "That must be him!"

emperor: "Now, now. I'm not here to fight. At least not yet. I was planning to vanquish you like the insects you are, but your skills interest me. I have an offer to make."

jack: "Can't be a good offer, but I'll suspend my disbelief for now. What do you want?"

emperor: "Pledge yourselves to my service. I can grant you power and riches. You can rule the kingdoms of Gielinor, answering to no one but me. I have the power and the influence to make anything you wish come true

sarah reverts her halberd back to a seed

sarah: "Hey, guys. I got a plan." *turns towards the emperor* "That does indeed sound tempting. What are your terms?"

emperor: "Ah. Someone finally sees sense. It appears that no one else has made the same choice. Help me kill these fools, and you shall be my empress. How does that sound?

sarah: "My emperor. If you truly had this power, surely you won't need my help, right? I want to see what my future husband can do on the battlefield.

emperor: "Good point, my dear. But not now. Any wife of mine shall not be dressed in such a decrepit outfit. I shall take you to my lair."

sarah: (Excuse me? I worked hard on this!)

the empreror disappears in his shadow, taking sarah with him. a minute passes, and the pair return, with sarah dressed up in a more regal, intimidating style. she seems uncomfortable in such a gaudy outfit, but hides it well enough for the emperor to not notice

emperor: "Now, watch, my empress, as I vanquish this vermin... that is, unless someone else takes up my offer? I need a ruler for Misthalin now that Zemouregal will be no more."

sarah takes a close look at the emperor, hoping to find a weakness to exploit while she watches. she mouths to jack that she will be unable to fight effectively in this outfit, but will do what she can
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