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as the situation tenses, the emperor notices christina getting up, having recovered from his previous attack on her. she spots him rushing towards her and closes her eyes in concentration, glowing a faint orange. the emperor attacks her with a fierce uppercut, and while she is unharmed, the impact throws her backwards nonetheless. she lands on her feet, and the emperor wastes no time throwing another punch. christina holds her arms to the side, and a ball of earth engulfs her before crumbling to nothing. from where christina stood stands a female form, skin made of tightly packed earth, and moss in place of hair. the emperor commits to his punch, but the elemental is able to stand her ground, and counters with an earth surge spell aimed towards his abdomen, knocking him off her. the elemental stands still, and the rock appears to crumble, revealing a light green glow that quickly expands, and then just as quickly extinguishes, revealing christina.

the emperor looks at her, slightly surprised, but is interrupted by sarah reclaiming her dagger, and decides to fight her instead. christina takes the time to look across the battlefield, and notices a clearly nervous duncan. she slowly walks towards him

christina: "Have no fear. We will all return home from this battle. Together."

christina stands right in front of duncan. she folds her hands, closes her eyes and bows her head

christina: "Dear Saradomin. Please, grant this man the courage to continue. Grant us all power, so that we may see a brighter tomorrow."

however, christina only fakes her prayer to saradomin, and instead of praying for courage, she secretly bestows a slight increase in magical strength to duncan herself, hoping her prayer tricked him into thinking he was actually granted divine courage. she opens her eyes, and looks at him with a warm, gentle smile

christina: "How do you feel?"
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