Count to 20 b4 glitch ava V4

Quick find code: 55-56-264-66085090

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Hello and welcome to the fourth version of this game, count to 20 before a glitched forum avatar! :)

How to play:

Player 1 : 1
Player 2: 2
Player 3: 3
Person with glitched forum avatar (glittery one): 0
Player 4: Back to 1 :(


- Do not spam the thread, post annoying messages or try to disrupt the game in any way.
- Do not duplicate numbers or posts on purpose.
- Numbers must be in order.
- Follow all Jagex rules.
- Be nice to other people.
- And most importantly, have fun! :)

Thread History:

- V1 was made by Green Cafe
- V2 was made by Green Cafe
- V3 was made by Axiomatic
- V4 was made by Axiomatic
Retro Dragon Claws Overrides

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