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You can't use abilities when opponent is running.
This is big disadvantage over Legacy and needs fix ASAP!

Because of this players can easily escape from 3v1 or even 4v1 in F2P.
While on Legacy 1 player can easily take down runner.

Many pkers took advantage of this, they simply walk back all the time during a fight to stop your abilities working, this makes PVP really complicated and annoying.
Tried to demonstrate on cursed energy bot, for some reason i managed to hit with abilitie at the end but most of the time I end up spamclicking without any luck and wasting ammo.

Of course I am aware of Surge etc but this doesn't solve anything in serious fights.

When switching from 1. to 2. opponent your character starts walking to it
If you use any ability before you have actually do any damage to 2nd it will switch back to previous opponent.

Also if 2 players attack you and you fight 1st then decide to switch to 2nd you lose adrenaline.

Something is wrong with stunning abilities too, I had Anticipation abilitie on and I used freedom but still wasn't able to move. Opponent was melee, dual wield.

I used threshold and ultimate abilities when opponent was running, I lost adrenaline and received cooldown but I didn't hit player with abilitie at all (no animation and hit done).
I was using Gravite Bow if that matters, but this is happening in all styles.

Teleblock and Bind spells are not working during a fight however they work 90% before a fight (when you can select spell and click on a player)

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