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A lot of Stanley Limelights Store items are items that can easily be grinded for in minigames, like Pest Control armor, Great Orb Project, PvP armor, and Flash Powder equipment.

It doesn't sell items that have a difficult and specific requirement to obtain such as the Extreme Dominion Medallion, however there are some minigame rewards that once a requirement is met, you just have to grind for them.


Add requirement locked minigame rewards to the Thaler store once they've been bought before.


-Dominion Gloves once the player has bought at least one pair (requires killing 500 bosses and respective set)
-Finity Robes, untradeable variant of Infinity Robes. Pieces can only be bought if you bought the Infinity Robes with Pizazz points.
-Barbarian Assault Insignias after buying one with 5 Penance King Kills.
-Insignia Refresh, untradeable variant of Insignia Recharge
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