Snipe ability rework.

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Stella Gazer
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Stella Gazer

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Currently snipe is one of the worst abilitys you can use for the ranged combat style.

The main problems with it is that it takes way to long to fire, slowing down adrenaline gain compared to the other combat styles.

When used, the player will channel the ability for 1.8 seconds; once the channel is finished, the player will deal 125-219% ability damage provided that the target is still in range - an average of 172%

With an average ability damage of only 172 percent, this makes snipe not only weaker than dragon breath, but also twice as slow.

In pvp, snipe is even worse. If you get stunned, which also happens in pvm.

As snipe is also a shitty channeled (canceled) ability, it gets cancels when you eat a piece of food or move without 20m+ nightmare gauntlets on.
Nightmare gauntlets do not prevent the ability from being canceled while getting stunned.
And you cannot use it in the wilderness to protect yourself agains other pkers.

The simple solution?:

Make snipe the same damage and time to fire as dragon breath, While also allowing movement without nightmare gauntlets.

The ranged combat style is one of the weakest styles because snipe takes forever to fire.

And without nightmare gauntlets, ranged is absolute trash.

My love for a bow and arrow makes me stick with this trashy combat style.
I really hope jagex fixes this.

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Completely agree, support

As a pker I can add:
It cancels if another player starts running or stuns you.

Also these kind of abilities work completely different in other styles.
Magic for example hits many targets at once which is often used to lure and pile low level players using cursed energies.

Maybe they should make saperate abilitie that works in all styles which disables prayer.

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Snipe is the strongest basic ability and the nightmare gauntlets was added to the game precisely to fix the problem of not being able to move while channeling the ability.

As for ability being cancelled when someone runs out of range or stuns you? Yea, that exactly how it should work. Its the price you pay for having such a strong basic ability on a low cd. Did I mention snipe also removes protection prayers?

Yea, it doesn't need to be more OP than it already is. There's a reason why snipe in the front of your ability rotations (after needle strike), its because its so good that it should be used as often as practically possible.
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Stella Gazer
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Stella Gazer

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You're totally wrong on all your statements, in the same time snipe fires, you can do a dazing shot+fragmentation shot!!!!

You also forget something called "RNG".
Snipe deals the same average damage as dazing shot in the long run.

Also dragon breath deals 188 weapon damage consistently.
You can do dragon breath twice in the same timespan that snipe fires.
And dragon breath hits multiple enemy's.

Melee has cleave.

I'm also into pvp. And ranged is by far my least used style.

07-May-2019 15:51:27

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