Less 'dragging' on rs3 mobile

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I'm not sure how mobile works exactly, because I haven't had the chance to beta test it, though I wanted to discuss the UI update. The UI appears very uncluttered for the most part, and it makes me interested. The only thing I worry about is if I have to drag the abilities into the slots, or does it let me click to add an ability? I remember trying to drag the bar on the side of the bank interface in Old school mobile, and it was painstakingly difficult. Maybe some one who beta tests can provide more detail as to if it's mostly tapping buttons with your finger, or if you need to drag a bunch of things. On some phones, maybe it's not as much of an issue. Maybe an option to hide the tool bar would be an additional way to declutter as well. Hopefully my thread title didn't give the wrong idea. I don't intend to assume there is any issues with mobile, besides things that will be sorted out before full release. And on a side note, It would be awesome to be able to hold on a button to walk and direct the camera, without tapping the screen.
Feel free to let me know what you think, and any additional info is appreciated.
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