jagex botting is out of hand

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Gliched 99s

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not sure if jagex cares anymore there about 10-20 cursed bots collecting cursed energy in every single world its the exact same names over and over ive made over 250 reports on botting today alone as i kill all the bots on different worlds

nothing is ever done i almost think its jagex doing there own real world trading.

please look into these bots they arnt even good bots every single one of them is the exact same movements

there are 2 types of bots running there right now
1. if you log in half the bots stay there colleting and when they get around 200 cursed they run to a bank
2. the other bots if you login they run about 50 steps to a safe area and then log out and go to the next world.

game shows 102,000 people online thats a big lie half of them are bots... and cursed energy isnt the only botted area fix your game jagex so real players come back

29-May-2019 16:41:56

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First thing to point out, the 100k players shown on includes the 80k OSRS players, so there are actually only 20k people playing RS3 right now.

I admit cursed energy is a heavily botted region, has been since they came out with cursed energy.

I'd personally put the blame more on Jagex for making their game one huge AFK-fest rather than on their bot-detection system being inadequate. If actual players wanted to do stuff like divination then botters wouldn't have a market to sell their goods, but instead it seems all players want to do is fight bosses all day and buy everything for every skill from botters. Cursed energy lets someone go from 1-99 div without ever touching a wisp.

29-May-2019 17:04:43

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