Varrock Bank Remove/Repurpose

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Daft Pump
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Daft Pump

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I dont usually post on forums but was standing in the west Varrock bank reminiscing about being in the bank pre GE and how it was a major hub in player to player trading and people would always be in and out of there conversing and what-not. Now all that's left is one of the largest in game banks that's left 99.9% unused and has been pretty much the entirety after the ge was put in. Seems like there is a large portion of Varrock that goes barren and could be used for better functions. Was hoping that players or mods could contribute to this conversation and work out some kind of input for Jagex to work with. Get fun with your ideas :P

04-May-2019 23:41:37

Draco Burnz
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Draco Burnz

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Tenebri said:
Shouldnt that mean we should remove repurpose pretty much all banks except ge prif and mg


Support to repurpose not removing.
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Draco Burnz said:
Stella Gazer said:
i still go there sometimes.

All city's in rs are death content, when rs3 is pvmscape.

Good thing it isn't.

Are you trying to copy my shtick for saying "good thing" in sarcastic replies now? I'll have you know its copyrighted (tm).
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08-May-2019 01:31:11

Queen Farli
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Queen Farli

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I think removing the bank which is pretty much AT the G.E. is probably a good thing, yes. No to removing the other banks though. Sure they aren't used much by us high level players but a bank per city is useful anyway and especially to lower leveled players.
The only reason to remove the west bank is simply that it's literally next to another, more popular one and thus wasted space, not because it's generally unused.

30-Jun-2019 14:53:05

Pop O
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Pop O

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this bank was once the hub of all trade then when GE came out it was there for community high alch trades and smithing
alching isnt as common now and smithing well theres the metal bank so thats kinda useless
varrock has gotten very little lover over the years, the grand exchange has been split up many times over diving its community prif, max guild and menaphos which i dont agree with
we need more places for chance encounters with other people.
i wounder if we close worlds (now that jagex servers dont have to host masses of bots on RS3) if that would help atleast make our beloved city a little more busy, they could use the money they save from closing the servers to make sure the ones they have open are dedicated servers and have decent ping for cross world participation. Also eliminate server lag and input delays.
second thing they can do is give the bank a new role,
- can place an agility course over varrock
- can make battle staffs from store worth buying (like before)
- can make competitive high alching guy in there which lets you compete on how many alchs you do vs your friend
- could break it down with the rest of west varrock and make something useful out of it
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01-Jul-2019 00:08:49



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I use the west bank in varrock whenever I'm there. I do it to avoid the ge lag on popular worlds. I see newer players use the forge south of it routinely.

I barely go to the east side of town though and its east bank.

I think it is redundant to have 2 banks 10 steps of each other. If they did remove I'd hope they make the building something else that is useful.

01-Jul-2019 00:53:23

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