Suggestion: Familiar Overrides

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Elesh Norn

Elesh Norn

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Currently the familiar override works on a cycle.
I would like to be able to link pets to different familiars to tailor the overrides.
Specifically I would like snack yak to override pack yak but no other familiar.

03-Aug-2019 12:03:40

The Fate of
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The Fate of

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Draco Burnz said:
Why don't you wanting it overriding anything else?

I could see the appeal of selectively setting certain overrides for certain familiars. Snack Yak for Yak is one example, but if you wanted to, say, use a Warborn Behemoth as a visual shorthand for your Lava Titans (because both are made of lava) or Burnie in place of any of the Firemaking familiars as a way to show off, without having to manually change your override every time, it could be a nice QoL change.

03-Aug-2019 22:09:31

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