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For years I've thought about how the Quest Cape should trim an Achievement Diary cape, and vice versa, since they're related. A couple years back this was introduced to OSRS but not to RS3.

Why is this? I feel like it's a great idea that they finally added to the game and yet it's only in OSRS. It should be in RS3 by now, regardless of the existence of max, completionist, or Master Quest Capes. I feel that the addition of the Achievement Diary cape from OSRS would serve as a healthy medium for players who want to reach another milestone before deciding to comp. The addition of this cape would fill a gap in the game regarding completing content.

Is there a reason for Jagex having left this out of RS3? Which Jmod can I bother to add this improvement?

17-Jun-2019 22:40:12

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We were supposed to get something for achievement diaries with the proposed comp cape rework (basically it was supposed to be split in 5 categories (with exploration/areas being one of them) with 3 tiers each), but that was killed off again for the sake of a simpler rework, which just adresses a couple of the most pressing issues.

I am certainly in favour of seeing such a cape added (it just needs to be a recoloured quest cape for that aspect) though. Dunno what the unique perk for it could be though.
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