Future of Wilderness?

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I mean, to be fair what has Jagex really ever done to revitalize the wilderness -that wasnít just shit content? We never gave the wilderness a chance. And Jagex has only made half assed attempts at reviving it. And itís been so long weíve come to believe it impossible.

- Bounty Hunter? Easily exploited, took to long to actually make money, PKing full-time like that is exhausting, only the best 10% of players could even manage a decent profit.
- Cursed Energy? Shit money, meh experience.
- Black Salamanders? Shit money, meh experience.
- Charming Moths? Ever heard of charming sprites? Also, wasnít good xp on release.
- Muddy Chests? Shit money.
- Chaos Elemental? Shit money.
- Revenants: Luck of the draw, 90% of the time is shit money. T90 armor made Revenant gear mostly worthless except for Statius Warhammer and Zurielís Staff which are two drops among dozens.
- Wilderness Agility? Active but no PvP interaction because skillers risk nothing,
- Lava Noodles: Only worth doing on task. But are popular otherwise.
- Herb Patch: Dailyscape, negligible rewards, no risk.
- Bloodwood Trees: Dailyscape, negligible rewards, no risk.
- Warbands? Once every SEVEN hours and the skillser are just cannon fodder for the PKers.

When you look at it this way, you realize the wilderness was never given a chance. The only three worthwhile activities are Lava Noodles, Warbands and Wilderness Slayer. Two of which occur really infrequently.

Change the death mechanics. Instead of losing your items you pay x2 or x3 the reclaim cost. This makes entering the wilderness a wiser and more calculated risk. More players are willing to risk a few hundred K than risk getting skulltricked and losing millions. Update and add new content that is ACTUALLY worthwhile. Cap gear at T88 so the wilderness isnít ruled by elites and pros.

Itís that simple. The wilderness will see new life. It doesnít have to be the toxic, scary place it is now. The players arenít stupid.
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Maybe they can make so you never loose ur items except special ones that boost xp or something.
Similar to how demonic skull works now.

But I still don't see how this will fix wildy because it will be skillers vs pkers. not actual PvP we had back in the day.

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