Skilling vs Combat balance

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With the smithing rework, we missed a chance to improve skilling vs combat balance. The highest armour created via skilling is still dependent on combat drops. Trimmed masterwork armour requires malevolent and Torva armour. Instead, the malevolent and torva essences could have been random drops while skilling, similar to bird nests. These could have been restricted to high-level skilling activities, not only smithing, or available while wearing a high-level non-tradeable item made through skilling.

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What do you need t92 armour for when you do not even plan on going out fighting?

And as for protocol - the rework improved a lot of it considering the skill(s) are now actually needed to create top tier equipment, rather than some valuewise overbloated t50 junk that for some reason needed 2 skills at 85+ to be made.
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Here's the problem:

Runescape has become a little too obsessed with the idea of 'gold per hour'.

It used to be that every skill/activity was somewhat dependent on other skills/activities.

You couldn't fight monsters without food, so fishing and cooking were relevant.

You couldn't fight monsters without equipment, so mining, smithing, crafting, fletching, and runecrafting mattered.

You couldn't train construction without woodcutting.

Herblore should have been dependent on farming, but never really has been.

But PvM drops such a variety of skilling materials, that the majority of those skills are now redundant.

Imagine that the system were reworked: PvM Drops rare, valuable items that are relevant to skilling, instead of to combat. Skilling produces items of value to PvM. Make it all vaguely circular, rather than just a two-way street.

An example of what the drop tables COULD look like:

Vorago drops unrefined elite pickaxe heads/stone spirits/gems/components for elite divination jewelry
Solak drops unrefined elite hatchet handles/seeds
Barrows drops components for POH altars, fungii for herblore, bones, ectoplasm, and ash
Araxxor drops elite components for making hunter traps, spidersilk for construction or bowstrings
Kalphites drop elite hatchet heads, stained glass wings POH altars
QBD drops leather for elite smithing gear and/or elite firemaking gear
The Magister drops concentrated or unstable rune essence, which creates additional runes when used in runecrafting
Nex drops demonic ash, zaryte feathers for elite fletching and fishing

But instead, we've seen PvM become a self-sustaining beast, and the rest of RS's skills have fallen by the wayside.

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