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Everyone knows that EOC is bad for PVP

There is an easy and logical solution.
- Lock Wilderness to Legacy only combat mode.

07-May-2019 13:04:03

The Iniquity
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The Iniquity

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No, it really has nothing at all to do with EOC. Wilderness PVP is a relic of a different age for this game. PVP was popular when there was still significant overlap between high end gear and easily replaced gear. Nobody really cared if they lost a set of rune, a dds, and an ancient staff, and yet scoring a set of rune, a dds, and an ancient staff for a few minutes of work was a reasonable profit compared to PVM at the time. That's no longer the case. High end gear now is way too valuable for people to want to risk it, and disposable gear now is too cheap to be worth killing each other over it for money. Furthermore, PVM is lower risk and higher profit than it used to be. High risk PVP is no longer an efficient money making method for the type of players the game has now, and there's really no way that it can be made to be so again using the old high risk model. The entire concept of wilderness PVP is not compatible with the modern game, no matter what combat style you're using.
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08-May-2019 12:32:34

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