Lack of players in Wild

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xxqw56chxx said:
No support.

I fail to see how doing this would make it any less "dead"?

If ppl don't like tp gp pking, it doesn't matter what world its on ppl wont pk.

Also, welcome back ;)

This would 100% solve the problem. I never said someone who isn't into pking would come.
There are people who actually like pking, there are just too many worlds.

20-Apr-2019 09:06:25



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Whatusaytome said:
PvP is not dead. PvP is literally everywhere in the game now. You can kill your friends while going questing if you wanted. Duel them at the Crafting guild, in the desert, in a bank, in a PoH without any boxing ring, even prif, or on a mountain. People who want to fight eachother can go all out against eachother as many times as they want and not be at risk.

PvP no longer has to be localized to the wilderness. Therefore PvP in the wilderness becomes basically useless. The only thing it does now is make people avoid the wilderness, because combat is not done by choice there.

The only people using the wilderness for combat by choice only hunt people who are not prepared for combat, who are there to gain xp. Pking is often pretty low quality loot, compared to what they could make bossing or working. I doubt wilderness pking is ever actually done for loot these days.

They've killed me numerous times in the past and I had nothing on me. Just because I didn't lose my stuff doesn't make the forced combat any better. I'd rather have paid for a safety option so I could enjoy myself without the worry of a griefer.

This thread is about Wilderness, not PVP in general :D

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