Regrade Grifolapine to lvl 60

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The request is simple, in order to keep the game diverse, I'd like to see Grifolapine's reduced to 60 slayer. I'm a fresh iron man, about a month in and I've noted it's a lot more difficult to obtain tier 60 1 handed magic wands than any other tier 60 level of equipment.

Now I understand the option is there for for me to get a master wand by grinding the mage training arena, however we can all agree this content is uberstale and not enjoyable at all.

I propose reducing the slayer level down to give lower level players access to content that make sense for them.

It makes little sense locking a tier 88 slayer mob who gives access to lvl 60 equipment.

I understand that I am on an ironman. I'm not asking for anything ridiculous, but needing 88 slayer to get tier 60 mage wand is a little excessive or anything that isn't lunar armour. I would like more diversity at the lower levels.


07-Jul-2019 18:39:11

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