Why are minigames dead?

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Correct answer is......JaGeX is too lazy to fix old content to have rewards that players desire now a days so they release content that becomes dead content anyways due to poor design.

Sorry JaGeX but....Quote from Harry Potter movies "I must not tell lies"

15-Sep-2019 02:00:03

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Long story short, a lot of people have quit, change in player focus towards xp gain & money gain over "fun", lack of mini game updates and rewards, no more bots, and few more.

People still play mini games not just like back in the day. Most notably the games that still run on spotlight and from time to time are, Castle wars, Soul Wars, Stealing creation, Pest Control, and Fist of Guthix. Note that in a lot of these people will just afk for thaler, notably when on spotlight. Search for fc's and clans. These are small communities that remain. Fastsc for stealing creation. Cw clan chat sometimes hosts castle wars games. The rest of the mini games usually only run on spotlight. It sucks I know :(

15-Sep-2019 04:39:12

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Crazed pkers do Clan wars every friday:
Also you might find people there to play Fist of Guthix

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