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Make whole Wilderness Multi way combat!

This is really annoying when one pker can just come and attack someone from group while killing WildyWyrm. And 10 players are just watching how his friend is being killed and no one can help him.

Cmon there are so many different places where players can do 1v1 fights.
We don't need this restriction because it is Wilderness!

Also it is just annoying that we have Single and Multi way combat in random places, you do one wrong step while fighting 1v1 and you instantly get piled, that's why 1v1 is not needed in wildy.
And how are new players supposed to know where single or multi way combat is :D

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Another glaring issue is that people use alts to skull-trick in multi-way. The alt follows the player and when you auto retaliate with any AoEs you skull on the alt. Which pretty much means if youíre attack in multi-way you can either run and hope you live or retaliate, skull and probably lose all your shit.

Jagex said they were gonna change this but... letís just say there are certain players with a lot of influence.
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