Auto-reheater in metal bank

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Unless I'm doing a real grind with smithing, it just isn't worth the time to go and pull the autoreheater out of my bank before I start, since smithing no longer requires use of your bank unless you're smithing more than 28 items. And it stinks, because I did pay good dungeoneering tokens for that.

I wonder, what are everyone else's thoughts on if this particular item could be stored in the metal bank for easy access?

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The Autoheater's functionality is specifically to assist a smith in doing lots of smithing over a long period of time, and to make them more efficient in how long they can essentially AFK for at a higher heat. In essence, if you don't want to click as much but still want efficiency, the autoheater is for you.

... It's also dirt cheap in token costs

Not against the idea but I'd still need to run to the bank to grab my Blacksmith's Outfit, Crystal Hammer, Grace of the Elves (if it's not already on me) and my Ancient Elven Ritual Shard so I can use Superheat Form for free, making not having to grab one extra item kind of pointless as is.
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