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Im thinkin about maybe instead of pumping out new items into game, maybe we should revisit some old but previously popular (now dead content) items so to make them more usefull in todays standards.

Maybe like if a new boss monster or skilling activity comes around, theres a rare chance to get a "item" to upgrade some old item that currently is worthless, only thing that keeps these prices of old items semi-oke atm is invetion.

just gonna throw some ideas below.

Make original godsword upgradeble to t90/t92 with their specials enchanted
Make spirit shields more worthwhile and each shield to have a specific purpose? might be pushing abit on this coz their sort of okey to use still today lol but their so old.

Im sure theres alot more interesting items out there atm that might be worth looking into. these 2 were in my mind atm.

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This belongs in the Existing game content forum, and you’ll possibly get more people interested if it were there. You can request for it to be moved in forum help.

That said I’d like to see some of the old iconic items get some love. Although there is the Zaros Godsword so it’s unlikely they’ll boost the old ones to that lvl, unless they can do it in a way that doesn’t devalue ZGS.

30-Aug-2019 07:53:22

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Cool thanks.

Requesting a forum mod to move the thread to existing game content.

Zgs is very usefull coz of itls spec. Its basically a 1b spec wep. Same can be done for other gs also. But the parts for upgrade have to be hard to obtaine like telos is. But this is just my idea might still somewhat devalue zgs im not sure.

30-Aug-2019 10:21:16

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Judging by the survey questions, it seems like going back and reworking old content is one of the big things Jagex will be focusing on in the near future.

Personally, I want to see the Dragon weapons become relevant again. Weapon-specific special attacks were a great way to diversify the game back when Dragon was the king of the mountain, but aside from the Very Very Endgame stuff you don't see a lot of them anymore, least of all interesting ones.

I'd like to see some Dragon weapon upgrade kits from some high level Slayer monster/boss that brings them up to at least 80-something and lets them become augmentable.

Barrows could use some upgrades, too. Would be a great way to shake up the RS3 meta in a hurry.

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Oh of course, barrows was such a big part back in the day, now its just forgotten mostly. Atm higher levels just plow through slayer tasks with ss and dps, wud be amazing if barrows would become relevant again

02-Sep-2019 09:34:54

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Dont see much intrest but gonna throw my ideas about how t75 old godswords wud be relevant again.

Note: all weapons will be upgrades by some item that will be added to the weapon via maybe invention skill? this "item" has to be hard to get and should have somekinda high quest req (god related quest for example) also.

Upgraded saradomin godsword: (only gs to have aod like sychte imo)

Accuracy: t88 or t90
Damage: t88 or t90
Special: heal 50% of players lp (works like excalibur for example or instant heal)
Adre req: 30-50%
Cooldown: 5mins

Upgraded armadyl godsword

Accuracy: t88
Damage: t94
Special: stays same (imo)

Upgraded zamorak godsword

Accuracy t90
Damage t90
Special: stuns the target with 200% wep dmg (example: like threshold stun abilitys)
Adre req: 30%
Cooldown: 40sec

Upgraded bandos godsword

Accuracy: t80
Damage: t80
Special: if successfully hit ur hit chance is 100% for the next 30sec (this can splash, also this should work as a switch wep only, do the spec and then switch to a more powerfull wep)
Adre req: 65%
Cooldown: 1minute

Note bandos gs special works only on solo target meaning if i do the spec my hitchance is 100 but not the entire teams. Others need to have this wep also to take advantage of this.

The stats i posted were my ideas and their rough numbers might need tweaking. But pls post ur ideas people and id love to see some ideas on other items that deserve some long forgotten love.

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I can support making GS up to t80 at most maybe maybe t85 but if you go too far they will become over powered and mess up the other higher weapons. I dont think the SGS needs a special rework its pretty good as is, thus why it is still the most expensive GS of the original 4. The other 3 could have some special reworks/tweeks.

02-Sep-2019 23:53:31

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