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Hello ,

BurningLotus here.

Im creating this thread today because throughout my time playing Runescape I have came across something very annoying to me.

As I have played for many years, I really enjoy the questing aspect of the game. But one thing I hate doing and find bothersome is that when im looking for a certain quest to do or to find, i have to scroll through the many many quests of the game, and a lot of time i scroll past the quest i am looking for, or sometime cant find the one im looking for.

I thought i would mention that i think it would be great idea and big help for not only myself and ALL the players of runescape, that it would be amazing to have a "search" feature located inside the quest tab. It would be awesome to just search the name of the quest and POOF! It takes me right to it.

Please tell me if there is already a way to do this, or if this would be something that could be done.

Also if anyone else has any other amazing ideas that involve questing that would be a great addition to the game please comment below. (;

I love each and everyone of you!

Have a great day adventuring <3

Yours Truly,

The Only Real BurningLotus ;)

27-Aug-2019 12:11:37

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